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Business Information

Business Information - Riccio di Riccio Pietro

"Il Riccio" is a Neapolitan company that enjoys a consolidated experience in the field of production and distribution of Bomboniera and Gift.

The company was born in Naples in via Ponti Rossi, where the heart of the Artistic Production of Capodimonte is found, and there works still from 30 years.

"Il Riccio", therefore, distributes and produces exclusive creations from expert Neapolitan craftsmen, like the small works of art in Porcelain of Capodimonte.

The experience of the company is put to the service of the customer in order to satisfy every its requirement.

Our Mission

Our Mission - Riccio di Riccio Pietro

Our company distinguishes its offer from the remaining contenders differing for the elevated quality of its products with the better possible price.

Our Products

Our Products - Riccio di Riccio Pietro
Our products are unique creations, handmade and personalized.

Our brand
is synonymous of attention to detail, enhancement of Neapolitan labor and good taste by those who prefer its to the standardization of the commercial product.

We are open to suggestions and wishes of our customers regarding type, color, quality wedding favors and accessories to any combination thereof.

Our Services

Our Services - Riccio di Riccio Pietro
We provide in the price of each Bomboniera everything concerning the beautification of the same: handkerchief in various fabrics, ribbon, flower box, candy, box and bag.

Of course it is combined with the style and colors of the Bomboniera.

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Our Relationship with Customers

Our Relationship with Customers - Riccio di Riccio Pietro
"Il Riccio" try to respond appropriately to different customer requirements.

We offer them
year after year collections in step with the times, with the colors and the fashion of the moment.

Our advertising is our satisfied customers.